Teaser #1

I’m going to post excerpts of “Memory Cards” leading up to the release. This comes from Chapter 1:

“We walk across an old, but clean gray-painted concrete floor and stand in a line that is nearly ten deep with customers, cooled by a single, ancient ceiling fan. A few stray flies work the room. I groan to myself, fearing a long wait and a soon-to-be-impatient first grader. But two young men, probably still in their teens, work the register with precision. They turn their ears towards the customer, scribble orders on a stubbed pad, ring up totals, collect cash, give change and pass the details to a waiting crew member. Another dozen boys work an assembly line in the background, tightly packing barbecue, vegetables and trimmings into plastic containers, and then double-bagging each order. McDonald’s wishes they could turn orders that fast.”