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Christmas Adam

I don’t know exactly how it got started, but a few years ago, we started a new tradition at my house.

Unable to wait two more days to give my kids (now 12, 7 and 5) a Christmas gift, I bought them a little something at the drugstore on my home from work. It was amazing how excited they got over a $2 toy and how much fun they had that afternoon. Since we did that on December 23, we called the “holiday” Christmas Adam (you know, the night before Christmas Eve).

So, today we did it again. There was also a new twist added – ice cold Coca-Colas in glass bottles. The kids swore they’d never had a soft drink in a glass bottle, and swore it was the best thing they’d ever had to drink.

I never thought much about about this little silly thing until I went to school right before Christmas break and visited my middle child’s room. Each student had written a favorite Christmas tradition in a one-paragraph story on a construction paper stocking. His story was about Christmas Adam.


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