I’m starting my New Year a little early this year. At the top of my resolution list is to make this site more active in a number of ways, and to do it on a regular basis. New things will be popping up soon.

The first thing I’m adding is a new feature called “Meet the Writers.” This will be a short interview (edited for brevity) with authors/writers from around the country in any number of genres. I’m going after as many different styles and personalities as possible. The information in these interviews will reflect the thoughts and opinions of the writer alone, and does not necessarily reflect a view of me (Michael).

I’m excited about this, as I’ve lined up the first few folks — a writer with a first book, an established writer of fiction/poetry/nonfiction, and a writer on a roll. They are also from distinctly different areas of the country. The goal is to get 1-3 of these posted per quarter.

The first one will be posted in the next 24 hours.

Feel free to let me know what you think using my Contact page.